B2C first blocked me then fired me – Andy Music

The music trip B2C spectacularly fell out with their manager, Andy Events

By Ahmad Muto

According to former B2C manager Andrew Mugerwa aka Andy Music, he learnt that the music trio had started getting rid of him when he noticed he had been blocked on WhatsApp by all of them and his phone calls were going unanswered.

Promoter Andy Music had a bitter fall out with the B2C singing trio

He said it was before their maiden concert at Freedom City but he didn’t take it seriously well until after the concert.

“Before the concert, I noticed they had blocked me. You call to give them directions and how to do things and they are not answering. I didn’t think hard about it, I thought perhaps network. I didn’t think they would just block me but if I knew, I would have driven there to ask them. I just got to realise after the concert,” he narrates.

He also adds that the fallout shocked him but deep in his heart, he expected it after giving them all the exposure they needed. And also it was not about money.

It should be remembered it is Andy Music who launched the trio’s career after meeting them in Makindye years ago.


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