Comedian Teacher Mpamire flops in Juba

Teacher Mpamire flopped badly in Juba, South Sudan

By Website admin

Last week, teacher Mpamire (Herbert Segujja) flew to Juba to crack ribs during the Eid celebrations but he left cursing as his shows didn’t go as planned.

 The funny man had been booked to perform on Tuesday (4th June) but the rain had other ideas.  It showered and interrupted the show before he could make it on stage.   He never performed.

To save him from travelling without performing, the Juba based promoters arranged for him to perform at a later date (Thursday 6th June), which he duly accepted.

 “Rain is a blessing and we cannot change that fact but we have to continue making our people happy,” he told local media after the flop.

But as fate would have it, the second show also flopped.  It rained again.  Only a few people drove to the venue. The funny man was discouraged, the promoted frustrated and the fans disappointed. He flew back to Kampala a crest fallen man.


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