NTV’s Tina Teise stuck in Zanzibar


Last week, City Casanova Gareth Onyango celebrated his birthday in Zanzibar. It was a treat from his girlfriend and princess Victoria Nkinzi

As if the Zanzibar treat wasn’t enough, she also sponsored and flew his friends too as another surprise to Onyango.

One of the friends was NTV’s Tina Teise who seemed to be more excited than the others. Every second, she updated her social media platforms about the treat.

Tina Teise was flaunting it in Zanzibar before the misfortune happened.

       Moles there tell us that Tina Teise missed her flight on the day they were supposed to return.   She wept at the airport, not because she was late, but because she wasn’t ready to spend on herself. “Nkinzi paid for all our tickets and whoever missed their flights had to pay for themselves,’ narrated the source moments after landing at Entebbe International Airport. 

The couple and their friends spent a week at Nungwi Dreams by Mantis a brand new 5 star luxury boutique hotel situated on the northern tip of Nungwi, the highest rated and most pristine beach on the island.


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