Bryan White was once my driver – King Michael


By Ahmad Muto

Singer King Michael who was one of the many entertainers under the Bryan White Foundation claims that the reason he was never fired from the foundation by money bag, Bryan White was because they have history.

King Michael (left) Bryan White (seated on car bonnet) and a mutual friend

He says Bryan White was his driver many years ago when he was a big dancehall artiste. However, they lost contact along the way, only to see Bryan again when he was rich.

“Life is funny you wake up in the morning and the guy you were buying food for is the one buying it for you. That is how life is. Bryan White was my driver, I got to work under him, perhaps he will become my driver again. That is how life is,” he explains.

However, about the stories of Bryan White hitting his jackpot in Italy, he says he isn’t aware. “I am not aware of his going to Italy because I have never seen his passport,” he said.


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