Gashumba to seek therapy over daughter’s lifestyle


By Patience Ahumuza

Following the recent deal that transpired between the Gashumba and Gates families, it cannot be ignored if unlike Sheila Gashumba, Aisha Nabukeera  will now become the apple of Frank Gashumba’s eye.

When Sheila hooked Marcus Lwanga’s money aka God’s Plan, it did not make Frank Gashumba’s blood boil and his mouth run as it has been when Nabukeera hooked Gate’s dollar bills.

The Kampala sun reached out to Gashumba to speak of his two daughters and who among the two has made him a proud parent.

Frank Gashumba came out to say that Sheila has made him uncomfortable as a parent. “When a child turns 18 and above and they act out of order, what can you do?!

All I have been left to do is seek therapy and advice from other people on how to handle my daughter”, he worriedly spoke.


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