I’m not beefing Luswata -Tina Fierce

Tina Fierce has denied beef with Mary Luswata

By Joan Murungi

Social media lawyers broke it to the entire world on how Urban Tv’s Tina Fierce and Mary Luswata are beefing. However, the two have never come to prove the authenticity of the rumours and this has left many people wondering.

Last Sunday, a number of people where left in shock when the two happened to be discussing a number of issues of Urban Tv’s show named Saloon talk. This is a show Mary Luswata started hosting this year and this time round, she hosted Tina Fierce.

When the Kampala sun asked Tina about how she feels being on the same show with Luswata, a person who claims never to know her or have talked to her, she replied

“Is that even a thing? Why does everyone expect there to be friction between us? There is none. She does her job and I do mine. Yes, we aren’t friends simply because we don’t know each other like regular peeps”.


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