Wave Lounge’s Red and Black Silent Disco back on

MC Yankee will host of the event

By Musa Ssemwanga

Silent disco, a form of entertainment where there is no sound in disco halls is becoming popular in Kampala, according to revellers and entertainers.

Acacia Avenue’s wave Lounge is back with the annual Red and Black silent disco season 3 slated for June 26th

With the first and second editions selling out, the anticipation at the third edition is high.

“At this 3rd edition, expect nothing short of ‘glory’. Besides the silent disco experience, revellers will have a variety of music played by some of the best Deejays we have around town,” said MC Yankee, the host of the event.

The organizers also reveal that in a quest to give the revellers more for less, there will be 12 Deejays and five emcees.

Some notable DJ’s include Deejay Meek, Roja, Mercy, LL, Nimrod, and Starboy among others. Hype men include Mc Percy, Esco, Mats and top boy.


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