B2C soldiers grateful to Rema for Gutujja collaboration

Rema's Gutujja song with B2C is topping the charts

By Paul Waiswa

After making improvements and recording soothing genres, the trio do not regret dumping former manager Andy Events.

They have come out and assured fans that they will not stop producing good music since everything is now in their control unlike in the past where they had someone to consult before taking action.

Worth still, to differ from most of the musicians who do not admit others’ contributions towards their career, the trio has gone ahead and praised singer Rema Namakula for her positivity towards Gutujja Collabo that has made them resurrect mob times than before.

The music trip B2C spectacularly fell out with their manager, Andy Events

They appreciated for her support and added on that it has no harm to recognize one’s contribution though musicians find it challenging to speak the truth.

They also revealed that they would not stage a concert this year because of their busy schedule.


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