Former manager chose Fefe Bussi over me – Tip Swizzy

Tip Swizzy says their manager chose Feffe Busi over him

By Ahmad Muto

Singer Tip Swizzy has made a revelation that he doesn’t have a manager at the moment after parting ways with his former manager, a one Arafat who had quietly picked rapper Feffe Bussi over him.

He says Arafat is the guy he worked with on his songs “Movie” and “Squat, stand” when they still had a good working relationship. However, the stroke was when he noticed the manager was losing interest in him and asked for a proper and professional contract to be signed.

“After investing heavily in my song “VIP” and we were supposed to release it the same day with one of Feffe’s he chose Feffe’s and shared it with the media not sharing mine anywhere. Three weeks later, I decided to relieve him and manage myself because it is my business,” he said.

However, he notes that it does not mean he has a problem with the rapper because they are always together


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