Sheebah holds secret house warming


By Musa Ssemwanga

Singer Sheebah has held a secret housewarming for her new mansion in Munyonyo.  

The singer who is set to premiere a new song “onkutudde’ at La Paronis on Friday, opened the doors to her mansion to a few friends

Our source told us that it was a party worth attending but u had to be with a code at the entry. There were all sorts of drinks, meat, food, games and unnecessary noise.

A montage of Sheebah standing next to her unfinished house.

A Cake with the word ‘Welcome to the Queen Dom’ was also cut and served to her friends who included designers, makeup artists, artistes,  close family members and part of her management team.

Early November last year, she disclosed how her mansion was near completion. She also said that she was going to move in the before the end of 2018 but that never happened.

Sheebah once confessed to the media how her house was her life.

“My house is my biggest accomplishment in life, I started building it this year and Insha Allah I am going to be entering it before this year ends. It is in its final touches and after furnishing, I will be entering it officially” Sheebah said sometime back.

Sheebah shared a plan her house on Instagram.

By November last year, the house was already complete and she was ready to move in.  She later posted a picture on her Instagram with a caption.

It Was All A Dream Live In The Moment. Because Even Forever Ain’t Forever.

Sheebah wrote accompanying a photo of her enjoying the comfort of one her house’s rooms.

Last year when she officially moved into her house, her beloved mother also paid her a visit and together they had a good time going by the video she shared on Facebook.

          However in the same regard, there are baseless rumours claiming that Sheebah allegedly co-owns the house with her manager Jeff Kiwa and that the two are in a secret relationship with plans of getting kids as she plans to take a sabbatical from music.


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