Uganda Musician Association is a scam – Aganaga


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Khalifa Aganaga believes either the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) has failed to start working or is just a scam like he always thought.

This was after none of the executive members of the association turned up for band singer Mesach Semakula’s concert over the weekend yet all other small groups were represented. 

“I think UMA hasn’t started working, I don’t know what they are lucking. Mesach, a big artiste had a concert, I didn’t see any of the members there. I don’t want it is upto because all other small groups like the Diamond Ensemble, the Kato Lubwamas were there but I didn’t UMA,” he ranted.

He also said if they can’t even support a fellow artiste, a big one like Mesach, what is the point.


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