King Michael bows to pressure, clears air on Bryan White


By Ahmad Muto

Last week, singer King Michael made a revelation that city money bag, Bryan White was his driver back in the day when he was a big artiste and Bryan was broke.

However, due to pressure, he has now changed the statement saying what he mean’t was he had a car and sometimes Bryan would drive with him inside and other times he would drive with Bryan inside but he was misunderstood by the public.

 He explained that he didn’t mean he had Bryan White on his payroll as a driver.

“About the story that I used to be my driver has been blown out of proportion. The public and Bryan White might have misunderstood it. If I drive you from one place to another, it doesn’t mean you are my driver. That is what I meant. He used to drive me, I also used to drive him,” he explained.


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