Pallaso to entertain fans in a live music show

Pallaso has a song out with Hamisa Mobetto


Back in the days, ragamuffins were not known for live performances and whenever one talked of a raga dance hall artiste performing, one would expect to see someone jumping energetically on stage as the CD does the singing part.

However, the trend has changed and now regardless of the style of music one does, live performances are expected and are the only ones that attracts revelers. Once one conducts a show does it on CD, it may makrk the bigining of his/ her way out of the circuit.

To suit the trend, singer Pallaso will entertain his fans in a live show slated for this Saturday at DNA Lounge in Kololo. The show comes as part of the Bell Jamz Listeners Experience.

We have learnt that he has been hard at work with his live band rehearsing for the show. The rehearsals have been a mix of fun and artistic dedication, all aimed at presenting an above standard live music show.

With several hit songs like Twatoba, Hana (Remix), Nkwagala and Na Mutima among others to his name, Pallaso is a household name in the Ugandan music industry.

This is the third Bell Jamz Listeners Experience to be held. Launched early this year, the Bell Jamz Listeners Experience is a platform on which Ugandan artistes get an up-close and personal interaction with their fans.


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