Promoters Bajjo, Abtex targeting NRM money- Mirundi


By Paul Waiswa

Over the weekend, music promoter Bajjo was arrested at Centenary Park, Kampala shortly after addressing the media. The promoter was on Tuesday paraded before Buganda Road Magistrates court on charges of inciting violence, obtaining financial support worth $500 to fuel toppling Museveni’s regime and use of inappropriate language before being sent to Luzira Prison until Tuesday next week. This action has given rise to various topical discussion amongst different sects.

Latest is seasoned political analyst, Tamale Mirundi who has branded him (Bajjo) an opportunist who wants free money from the government together with his friend Abtex and blamed security operatives for inflating Bajjo and Abtex images explaining that whenever they are imprisoned, masses sympathize with them.

 “These two men are just targeting money and nothing beyond that. That is why they attack the regime,” the former Presidential advisor said during one of his interviews with a local TV station.

It should be noted that  Bajjo events uploaded a video on social media in which he threatened to overthrow the government before 2021.

However latest from Abtex is that after trying to convince Bajjo to contest for any political office, he was not interested in any of them saying he does not want any political post in Kampala and country wide.


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