Ragga Dee frustrated by KCCA court again

Ragga Dee has been frustrated by court

By Ahmad Muto

Singer Ragga Dee who was dragged by KCCA to court months ago over noise pollution by his bar, Big Mikes was on Wednesday treated to the same drama he has faced that last many times he was set to appear, of getting stood up.

However, he said will not plead guilty to the case of noise pollution they have put on him.

According to him, he always turns up on time for hearing like a law abiding citizen but was left perplexed this time when the magistrate told them he doesn’t understand his cases because they were not written properly.

About suing KCCA like he had said in the past, he said he wants them to first make clear the case he is being charged with. He will return on July 3 for the fifth time.


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