Fresk kid is better than you- Bigtril trolled

Freshkid has come under attack from veteran singer Irene Namubiru

By Ahmad Muto

Rapper Bigtril who is one of the most active Ugandan artistes on Twitter had his entire music career put into question by tweeps. They literally asked Tril, who is one of Uganda’s finest rappers to keep standing while the 7-year-old “Bambi” rapper takes his seat. This was after one tweep, @wilfredrafaelza tweeted: “Unpopular opinion: Fresh Kid has more hit songs than Bigtril.”

This got tweeps swarming to comment; “We all know fresh kid is more famous here compared to Bigtril,” tweeted a one @BenonPaul3.

@masereq tweeted: “Who is Big Trill again?” while @wilfredrafaelza tweeted: “which hit song of his do you know?”

However, some of Bigtril’s fans on the app who felt otherwise weren’t ready to just let it pass. They came in numbers to defend Tril’s career calling out tweeps for being naïve as far as hiphop is concerned.

@Kabayanja tweeted: “Brosss….this even doesn’t deserve a response. Kaiza is number three in Uganda alltime rappers. The guy has the illest flow.” While @rwentuha tweeted: “Bro, it is just that you don’t understand or most probably u can’t sing his lyrics, please be humble and polite,” tweeted


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