|Rema, Slick Stuart & Roja collabo bashed


By Ahmad Muto

According to media personality and music critic, Isaac Katende a.k.a Kasuku, singer Rema Namakula’s collaboration with city DJ duo Slickstuart and Roja titled “More of this” is a “very fake” song.

Meanwhile, he made this statement in the presence of Roja who couldn’t help but just gape into space.

Rema (left) with Slick Stuart in the video

“Roja, you’re my friend with Slickstuart but more of this is a very fake song. Very bad song infact that shouldn’t even be performed anywhere,” he said.

His opinion was further supported by a one Jonathan Nalebo who claims to have advised the duo against the idea.

“If you listen to the song, Rema isn’t the Englsih song type. That is the mistake Ykee Benda made with Rema on that “Whistle song.” That is why B2C has done better with Gutujja,” he said.

According to them, “More of this” only plays on a TV station where DJ Roja works.


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