Music has caused me trouble with women- Maro


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Maro says his style of music has gotten him into a lot of trouble with women, some of which are really unpleasant but beyond his control.

He revealed that he once received a call late at night from a woman who claimed to be his fan, having a serious fight with the husband and wanted money to leave.

After wondering how she could have got his number, he remembered it is up on his social media pages and all he could do was help.

He explains that the woman told him that he sang “genda ewamwe” meaning “go back home” to women in abusive relationships and that was the scenario so he just helped.

“I received a call late at night from a female fan telling me I am always singing about love and I asked her how she got my number. Them remembered I have it on my social media because I manage myself. She said her guy was beating her up and asking her to get out of his house. She used my song “Genda ewamwe.” She asked for transport, luckily I had some mobile money and I sent her.

In the text where they say ask for reason, I typed “Genda ewamwe,” explained Maro.


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