Producer Bushingtone defends Rema

Music producer and artiste manager Bushingtone has blasted Rema's critics

By Ahmad Muto

Music producer and artiste manager Bushingtone has come out guns blazing at music critics for qualifying songs as hits and others flops without clear knowledge.

He argues that in art there are no limitations like music critics are writing off singer Rema Namakula as a Luganda artiste who fails flat at English song attempts.

“You can’t tell me one has to sing Luganda or Rukiga as long as you have your message. Rema’s first song “Cease and sekkle” was in English. We should learn to differentiate a hit song from a good song. Some songs are nice but don’t hit,” he says, adding that what makes a song different is the genre changing from the one the artiste is used to depending on the situation or trend.

He adds that a hit song has some fundamentals: Air play, street hype, online downloads all that show how it is being consumed and so critics like Kasuku should stop this conversation.


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