Tip Swizzy excited by Fresh Kid nod

Tip Swizzy says their manager chose Feffe Busi over him

By Ahmad Muto

Singer Tip Swizzy is over the moon after learning that young sensational rapper, Fresh Kid revealed that he is the artiste he would like to collaborate of all Ugandan artistes.

According to Fresh Kid, the “VIP” singer is talented and sounds good in his ears.

Swizzy says he is very excited by the news and cannot wait to actually record and put a song out there with the young star.

“If an innocent boy can choose me then this is a blessing. I also admire him and would love too,” he said.

Now he has taken on the task of creating a track after which he revealed he will go to Texas record label, pick up the young rapper and they go record their collaboration.

“Fresh Kid has millions of fans who love him, so if the person they love, loves me, then it is a blessing.


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