I consulted Mowzey Radio before starting B2C

Andy Events had a bitter fall out with the B2C soldiers

By Ahmad Muto

It turns out, Andy Events, the first manager of the music trio, B2C consulted late singer Mowzey Radio first before going ahead to launch them as a commercial music group.

He says he had left them after selling his bar in Makindye where they used to curtain raise, but they looked for him with the idea of having him manage them.

Mowzey Radio (RIP) has been credited for the creation of the B2C soldiers

“I launched B2C to the world in the year 2014 with the “Tokigeza” song. I owned a club in Makindye and they used to be curtain raisers. I sold off the club and started my business. They looked for me. And I knew they were talented so I called the late Mowzey Radio because then he was my good friend and he gave me a go ahead saying the boys are good,” he narrates.


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