Sheebah, Cindy beef good for music industry

Producer Eno Beats says Sheebah and Cindy can never meet in studio

By Ahmad Muto

City Music producer Enock Kisakye ( Eno beats) who is behind the behind the controversial songs of bickering singers, Sheebah Karungi and Cindy Sanyu has revealed he never lets them meet in his studio during recording sessions.

He produced Cindy’s “Copycat” a response to Sheebah’s “Kimansulo” that was a sign of escalation of the two singers’ beef.

Sheebah and Cindy have been bickering of late

 “Both singers are stars and they are my clients,  I give them schedules so they don’t meet. I don’t write the songs for them, my job is to create beats,” he says.

He also notes that he never pays attention to the person they are attacking however, he says he is in for the beef because it grows the industry.

This tension started after Cindy mentioned that Sheebah cannot battle her because she is a horrible performer who still needs practice, to which Sheebah responded, asking why a good performer doesn’t have a house like hers in Munyonyo.


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