Early kick off! Uganda and Zimbabwe fans clash on Twitter

    Ugandan fans on twitter have mocked Zimbabweans ahead of the encounter on Wednesday

    By Ahmad Muto

    Ahead of the Uganda Vs Zimbabwe AFCON game on Wednesday, the citizens of both countries decided to first light it up with a rather unpleasant twar (Twitter war) started by a Ugandan tweep, a one @Evelyn_Nakayi who kept on mocking Zimbabweans on the app till they couldn’t ignore her anymore.

    Some of the mean tweets shared between Ugandan and Zimbabwe fans

    The war has gotten tweeps from both countries on the app making fun of each other, throwing hilarious memes and some jokes that are, well, below the belt.

    This twar under the hashtag #UGAZIM has been on for the last about 24 hours and as it looks might go on till after the AFCON match between the two countries in Egypt.

    Fans even joked about Zimbabwe president Emerson Mnangagwa heading to the airport to catch catch a flight t Egypt with loaves of bread

    Tweeps from the two countries have mocked eachothers economy, beauty, football teams, presidents, citizens, food, entertainment among others.  

    It is important to note that Uganda won their opening match against DR. Congo 2-0 while Zimbabwe lost theirs 1-0 against the host, Egypt.


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