Fresh Kid, DJ Arch Collabo hangs in balance


By Ahmad Muto

As it looks, young rapper Fresh Kid might miss out on the much-anticipated DJ Arch Jr collaboration that the 6-year-old South African DJ had earlier expressed interest in.

According to sources, this stems from Fresh Kid’s family feud that has also threatened his gig in Dubai.

All fingers point at the “Bambi” rapper’s father who has vowed not to let Fresh Kid out of the country without him in tow. This was after the Dubai gig promoter said he only has two tickets – for fresh Kid and the manager. The gig is set for July 5.

The rappers mother Madrine Namata is distraught after learning about her 7-year-old son’s predicament and asking anyone who can to please get out of the way and let the kid have his career blossom. She has also accused local events promoter Balaam Barugahara of siding with the father, the reason they didn’t agree when he offered to reconcile them last week.

“That man is too much, he is killing all my son’s blessings, he has insisted on traveling to USA with him and now the promoter has cancelled the show. No one likes that man but all he does is kill my kid’s future and now I don’t know what to do for him. He is too much, I need help.” His mother cried out!


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