Denounce People Power – Balaam advises Bajjo

Promoter Bajjo has been denied bail

By Paul Waiswa

Even though events promoter and organizer Bajjo is still behind bars where he was remanded by court on charges of abusing the president of Uganda and promising to overthrow him, his nemesis Promoter Balaam is not yet ready to forgive him probably due to difference in political ideologies.

Being a “People Power” activist, Bajjo stated that he will fight President Museveni until justice prevails but Balaam, a fellow promoter and NRM political activist, has gone ahead and advised him that if he ever wants to be free he has to denounce people power.

“Bajjo is a mad and insane person, who can ever announce that they are going to overthrow the government when they’re in their right senses? If Bajjo ever wants to regain his freedom, I only advise him to denounce People Power, Join NRM and apologize to President Museveni and I then he will be let go,” Balaam proudly advised during an interview.

However, this is not the first time Balaam is advising Bajjo. Recently after his arrest, Balaam came out when he had gone to visit Bajjo and used this chance to advise Abitex and Bajjo to be soft to the ruling government as this will lead them to the next government though Bajjo and Abitex insisted they would never share the same political buffet with Balaam.

“We are friends in the business perspective and we shall never agree politically”, Abitex stated.


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