Chameleone to be unveiled by Democratic Party


By Paul Mayambala

Legendary singer Jose Chameleone’s interest in national politics has gained traction. Ever since he expressed his interest in standing for Kampala Lord Mayoral seat, he is getting serious by the day. Now he has gone a step closer by getting the blessings of Uganda’s oldest political parties Democratic Party led by Norbert Mao.

The Leone Island C.E.O is set to be unveiled today and has expressed his excitement ahead of his big day. He also calls upon his fans to come through in large numbers at Sharing Youth Centre – Nsambya as he is officially unveiled as the party representative for the Lord Mayor seat.

“The long wait is over!!! The long talk is over!!! The truth is now floating like oil over water!!!!! DP is firing up. It’s the transition and transformation. Come witness the first Mile of the journey. We are bound to make the City green and great again.”


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