Bad black sets tough rules ahead of Birthday Bash


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City Socialite Bad Black’s widely publicized party is on today. However, from what we hear she is sparing no expense and is ready to break the bank for a lavish treat. 

Latest we have from our source is that she’s planning an exclusive treat reminiscent of her heyday, when she blew millions on Ugandan socialites.

She is clocking the big 30 today. And as such, an exclusive invite only party is happening at the Kampala Kingdom Boulevard.

Bad Black has spared no expense for her 30th Birthday tonight

However, ahead of the party organized by socialite Abryanz, we have learnt that she has set some tough rules on attendees. Having an invite, per is not enough to grant you access.  Here are some of the rules she has set:

Don’t bring your kids.

Leave your kids at home. And by kids, we mean even those who are below the age of 18.  Is it a sign of raunchy things to happen? We can only speculate.

Your face is not your invite.

Even if you are Bebe Cool and Zuena, (Bad Black’s friends), face value will not get you in.  Please endeavour to carry that invite, which will attach a face to a name.  The party is being organized by celebrity VIP party planner Brian Ahumuza alias Abryanz, so the security system will be embarrassing for those trying to fluke.

Men’s Dress Code.

Men will dress in all black outfits. And this is very serious. It’s Bad Black. You need to show up looking Bad, Black.

Women’s Attire.

The rule is not so hard on women, but make sure you don’t over dress to upset the birthday girl. She will close the champagne taps and spew her trademark, Mbwa mwee.


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