Mowzey Radio’s family grumbles over UPRS peanuts


By Paul Waiswa

Thursday was a good day for musicians as some bagged some money from the Uganda performing Rights society (UPRS).

Despite of the body’s action of giving back to artistes, many have never been satisfied based on the argument that it does not reveal how much it collects and in what time lines.

Such a background also gave rise to the deceased’s family complaining of the peanuts given always.

According to one of the family members, UPRS gave them one million sixty thousands shillings a month after Radios’ death.

However, according to them, during the period, the deceased’s music was on high demand and therefore thought the body collected relatively some good money but only delivered peanuts.

Radio’s family is complaining over the peanuts that were paid to them by the UPRS

Yesterday during the exercise, the duo (Radio and Weasle) received Sh2m with each to share a paltry Sh1m. The amount the family says it has turned out to be fixed hence wondering the exact amount collected from the deceased’s music projects.

The family is not satisfied wondering why over time the money does not increase yet music is played everywhere.

“Today UPRS has invited us for the share but we have received sh2.09m Radio’s family has a share of Sh1m and thirty thousands, like wise Weasel’s family too. The sixty thousand has been deducted as tax ”. A family member said.

However, the family appealed to UPRS always to come up with a clear and detailed breakdown of how much they collect, which period in terms of month is considered and among other crucial issues that can bring satisfaction between the body and stakeholders in the industry.


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