Chameleone joined DP illegally-Nambooze


By website admin

Betty Nambooze Bakireke the Mukono Municipality MP and DP Vice President (Buganda region) has accused Jose Chameleone of joining the party illegally.

Nambooze contends that the DP’s President General Norbert Mao erred in law and principle in unveiling Jose Chameleone officially to the party, an act that Mao should be disciplined for.

DP’s President General welcomes Jose Chameleone to the party at Sharing Hall

The Leone Island boss was unveiled and consequently appointed as the National Mobiliser of the party on Wednesday to which Nambooze disagrees.

She noted that for one to join DP, it is should be done through a village branch and the National Executive Committee gets notified.

“For one join DP, it should be through a branch, you go to a village from where you join the party and the National Executive Committee will be notified,”


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