GNL Zamba savages Ugandan fan


By Paul Mayambala

US based rapper GNL Zamba, real name Ernest Nsimbi is taking no prisoners.  He has reacted to a fan who wondered whether he still sings in pure savage fashion.

The fan took to twitter and asked:  Does this guy still sing?  He never anticipated the backlash.  In his response to the tweet, GNL Zamba wrote a funny but striking reply that has got twitter buzzing as he jabbed the fan by writing “ Yes but I stopped singing things that only shallow minds appreciate. The people with refined tastes get my albums. Home & away! If you haven’t heard I won another international award last week representing. The world doesn’t end in Busia,” he wrote.

Although many saw the funny side and approved at the clap back, others blamed the ko Koi singer forhaving amassive ego since he left Uganda for the US. @therealGnlzamba is insecure AF. Small question and you are off to the defensive? Anyways, this is another dish of “none of my business”.


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