Fik Fameika Begs Manager Roger To Sign Him

Fik Fameica

By Paul Mayambala

It was last year when the celebrated artiste and rapper Shafik commonly known as Fik Fameica parted ways with his former manager Karma Ivien over misuse of funds.

However, after separating with VIP  Jemo’s official manager, Karma Ivien the “Property” singer Fameica made Ngolobe Samuel commonly known Sammy as his manager.

Manager Roger (left) pictured with singer Spice Diana is likely to take on Fresh Kid under his threshold Photo: Instagram

However, during the Bell Jamz Swangz Avenue all star tour which took place in Gulu over the weekend, Fik Fameica was under manager Lubega ‘s supervision.

Roger is currently managing Spice Diana, but also receives payments on behalf of Fik Fameica. Close sources indicates that Fik and Roger will soon drop an official statement.


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