You are money hungry- Aganaga stings Kasuku

Aganaga has denied exploiting Paul Mutabazi

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Katono singer Kalifah Aganaga real names Sadat Mukiibi has hit at Dembe Fm and Spark Tv presenter Kasuku saying he is a money hungry media personality whose opinions are driven by the highest bidder.

Kasuku recently asked the public to stop forcing everyone to appreciate Fresh Kid, saying besides being young, he does not understand his claim to fame and that his music is not good.

The media personality however contends that the singer wants to ride on his name to get media attention since for the last two years he has not been doing well in the industry.

He also added saying that musicians have started coming up with a trend of making news on different celebrities who have a following to stay relevant in news.

Dembe Fm and Spark Tv presenter Kasuku has been branded corrupt by singer Aganaga. He denies the claims.

In the post, Kalifah AgaNaga says why different artists don’t last for many years in the business is because they lack money to push their songs.  Here is what he wrote:     Why Musicians in Uganda don’t last after their first Hit Seasons??!


As a C.E.O of a new rising commercial Record Lebel /Studios

I have tried to look for a solution which can help 🇹🇿

This is a cry to Clubs,Bars and Media houses e.g Tvs and Radios


1-Charge Us for AirPlay ,Music is a Business like any another that needs marketing and Promotion . —You need to fix a certain fee which is favorable to us all because at end of the We pay taxes ,Licenses for our record labels or Studios where by we need AirPlay to gain more clients and get the money to pay taxes or other wise our Businesses are going down


2-The need to fight against “Artist Deejay War“Deejays and Presenters think that they are helping musicians with a favor to play their Music yet this is Business We are tired of your help now we want to #pay for the service because it’s no longer a help but it’s business . Deejays and Presenters are fighting musicians over supremacy in the music Industry .,That’s why they play music from other countries

2(b) Some Presenters and Deejays have turned into Managers of artist so they tend to decompaign others in favor of their own managed artists so they don’t play their music to make the audience feel like these artists don’t have work

3(a)-The need to fight against Manager Artist Wars” after their partnership is closed

Some artist or Managers Bribe Music Presenters and Deejays to stop Giving AirPlay to artist in favor of their new ones

(b )-The need to Fight #Kasuku in the Music Business he is very corrupt and biased about Musicians who have made it in life without his hand

He decompaigns our Progress live on air and talk about Personal things that are out of this Business like Racism ,Unnecessary abuses etc

He thinks he has power over our Talents and life and even Business yet we have no way to fight him

So we want to deal with the administration or Owners of the media houses and Clubs and Bars

4-The need to maintain artist Brands because every business needs relevance and appearance that’s why Airtel,CocaCola,MTN etc keep on advertising their new Production and Promotion that’s why they have lived to this Moment

Music is a Business now where people dealing in music especially established Brand dedicate entire life and full time investment to do their Productions

5-This creates space for every artist whether new or established to promote their work without interference of people who mix business with feelings ,for example tribalism,Hatred,Syndicate,Unhealthy competition

Some People Dont play our music not because it’s not good enough but because they are fans, managers or relatives of others whom we better than,

This makes us look inferior in front of our Customers and we loose business in the long Run

6-This is when Presenters ,Deejays and all who work on music programs will understand that Music is Business and that they get paid because they have to please us your customers because we can’t live without your service

It is a right to we as Ugandans to such platforms to promote our local businesses and talents

7-Prominent and Established artist/musicians no longer have the sympathy Vote


Senior artist are fading because of a myth “Si yaliko”

Every artist only enjoys airplay when they are penetrating but after break through the artist is denied air play in replacement with a new artist

To make it look like this senior artist doesn’t have work yet they are denied a right to AirPlay”


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