Sue Ochola in Exo Lounge cat fight


 By Kampala Sun writer

Socialite Sue Ochola De Roy a Ugandan socialite known for organizing the Arab Money Fab parties, and also owns Casa De Roy bar in Industrial Area, Kampala.

Last week, Sue Ochola with her gang happened at Exo lounge, formerly Club play located in industrial area has become a hub of party goers on Thursday and indeed had a good time.

Drowning bottle after bottle and all sorts of tequilas at around 4am people saw another drunken woman in Sue Ochola.  Staggering into the deejays box and a few tables nearby, Sue with the help of bouncers she was helped out of the bar.

Sue Ochola is a regular at high-end night clubs. Here she was pictured with DJ APeman, last year

Sue Ochola has had her bad bar days as it is remembered some time back at La Paronis she was involved in a physical fight with another model.

The brawl happened when Mononym(model) met Ochola at the washrooms that had a long queue of other patrons waiting to use the washrooms.

Ochola who was already drunk according to our source was infront of Sheena and Sheena being from an international background, complimented Ochola’s outfit which seemed okay but when she continued and told her that after she gets out of the washrooms, Sheena was going in next.

Ochola perhaps thought she was being disrespected by reminding her how fast she should use the washrooms; she poured her glass of wine on Sheena’s face and walked back to the bar.

Sue Ochola pictured recently at a social outing. She notably caused a fracas at Exo Lounge

Sheena acted okay with it, entered the washrooms, washed her face, removed her heels and pieces of jewellery and went back to the bar.

Another thing is we saw Sheena coming back with Sue pulling her by her hair and throwing her back in the washrooms, she beat Ochola who kept on shouting for help and after a few minutes, she walked out of the bar and took a car that drove her away.


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