Why Chameleone Sold DNA Lounge


By Website Admin

It is now clear that Jose Chameleone might not be good at running small businesses.

Last week, word did rounds that he had closed his popular bar in Kololo

The latest we hear is that the singer was involved in a bitter feud with the Muzungu manager identified as Maxim GK Steurbaut.

It has been revealed that the two are still feuding after the singer made an audit at the bar and found out that he was making huge losses.

Sources reveal that Chameleone found out that the Muzungu manager had mismanaged the funds and about Sh300m could not be traced.

The Popular DNA Lounge is soon to be under new management after Chameleone chose to sell : Pix: Instagram

It is also revealed that Maxim mismanaged and went ahead to empty the bar accounts without the singer’s knowledge.

It was also found out that the suppliers of the bar were demanding huge sums of money.

After several consultations with his Denmark based partner, Chameleone decided to sell off the bar.

Chameleone has been looking for serious buyer until he recently found one with a good offer.

It is also revealed that Jose Chameleone settled for Shs320million after evaluation of the equipment and items in the bar. Chameleone has embarked on clearing debts and rent arrears to his landlord, tycoon Drake Lubega.


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