Comedian Richard Tuwangye stands tall


By Denis Nsubuga         

Talk local comedy and the name Richard Tuwangye will be one of those to top the list. From popular TV comic shows like Barbed wire, U-turn to Comedicine, Tuwangye has been in our eyes. He has graced big comedy and theatre stages. Tuwangye has cracked our ribs for years on end. But that has been in skit comedy, mostly under his co-founded the Fun Factory. He has performed in a group.

It was a full house crowd as comedian Richard Tuwangye held his stand up comedy show at National Theatre. Photo by Ivan Kabuye

To change the vibe a little bit, recently, Tuwangye resolved for the first time to stand alone on stage and make the audience laugh. Not as a MC of a show, which he usually does, but as a comedian. Friday was his day, at the National Theatre where he staged his maiden stand-up comedy show dubbed Laugh Conquers All.

Comedian Daniel Omara curtain raised at Tuwangye’s comedy show

For people in the entertainment circles and Comedicine fans, Tuwangye’s stand-up showcase was long overdue. Thus, folks turned up in droves to witness, filling the auditorium to near capacity. He was curtain-raised by comedians Uncle Mark, Daniel Omara, and Napoleone Emma.

A few minutes past 9:00pm, Tuwangye stepped on stage to take fans on a roller coaster of rib-cracking stories. His drama and skit comedy influences where evident. Tuwangye is not one for ‘one-line’ jokes. His humor comes from stories, and it is these stories that culminate in punchlines that got audience in stitches.

The fans had a cocktail before the comedy show: Photo by Ivan Kabuye

From childhood stories to Fresh Kid and police officers, the comic for two hours, had his fans intently watching and listening in to catch grasp his satire.

Fans intently watched for two hours as Tuwangye performed on stage. Photo by Ivan Kabuye

Senior Police Officer, Asan Kasingye was in attendance and Tuwangye couldn’t ignore that as he called him on stage.


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