Diamond Platnumz finally reunites with his kids


By Paul Mayambala

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz has finally reunited with his two kids Tiffah and Nillan Dangote after months of push and pull between him and their mum Zari Hassan.

The father of three had numerously said the reason why he was branded a deadbeat dad is because his ex-lover barred him from reaching out to their children.

In an interesting Instagram post, Diamond said he and the two little ones had an in depth conversation.

During happier times: Diamond Platnumz, Zari and their children Tiffah and Nillan.

The excited musician even took a screengrab of their video chat and the saddest part was Tiffah had watery eyes throughout the little chat.

According to the singer, his baby girl could not hold back her tears as she missed her father dearly.

Nillan however, was all smiles and could not contain his excitement as he finally had the chance to see his long lost dad.

For a while, Diamond claimed Zari blocked him from seeing or talking to their kids.

He even added each time the musician would ask Zari to send the kids to Tanzania, she declined.

 Zari claimed Diamond is a deadbeat dad who never provides for their children and chooses when he feels like being a father figure.

So, the mother of five was simply not willing to ship off her children to a man who was not committed to being a proper parent.


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