I was singing Museveni’s praises for money – Jose Chameleone


By Musa Ssemwanga

Singer turned politician Jose Chameleone over the weekend paid a courtesy visit to his comrade Bobi Wine at his home in Magere.

This was after both Chameleon’s sold out concert in Doha/Qatar and Bobi Wine’s visit in the US.

The visit is said to have had a wide range of issues reminiscing the old times, the current state of music industry and most importantly the future of this nation Uganda.

New Democratic Party member Joseph Mayanja (Chameleone) met with Bobi Wine over the weekend. Photo: Instagram

According to the host Bobi Wine’s Instagram post, Chameleone confessed to him that he was singing praises for president Museveni just for the money but not out of conviction.

He also said that the New Democratic Party Member now agrees with Bobi Wine that Museveni and his regime have destroyed Uganda and it’s time for them us a generation to redeem it.

In the same meeting, Chameleone who recently announced his aspirations for the Mayor seat come 2021 expressed concern that many people are still doubting him at this point.

‘We both agreed that the people who are doubting him have a legitimate point given his recent history singing for and promoting the oppressive regime of President Museveni,’ Wrote Bobi Wine.


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