Pastor Bugingo apologizes for demeaning wife


By Kampala Sun admin

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has apologized for all the demeaning statements he made about his wife Teddy Naluswa.

He is however adamant he never intended to demean his estranged wife of 29 years.   

“I did not intend to offend my wife Teddy Naluswa, my children and women,” Bugingo said during a service.

The pastor claims that his utterances were a reply to his wife’s public testimony some time back.

Pastor Bujingo came under attack for his disparaging remarks about the wife

“My wife once willingly gave a testimony of how God’s powers healed her. My words were just emphasizing what she said and were not intended to offend her,” Bugingo said.

He insists he was detailing his personal trauma which he endured for 10 years when his wife was suffering from constant bleeding.

 “I was surprised by the reaction of the women on the matter. Many threatened to involve the Speaker of Parliament on the matter. Others wrote to Uganda Communication Commission to get me off air. But from the bottom of my heart I apologize because I did not intend it.”

Since Wednesday, a day he made the comments that has been deemed unacceptable, Human rights activists and the general public reacted angrily to Bugingo’s claims that his estranged wife bled for 10 years hence denying him sex in the process. 


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