Why Alex Muhangi, NTV fell out


By Musa Ssemwanga

The impasse over airing the weekly comedy show, Comedy store is not about to end after both parties failed to agree.

But ever since this month started, viewers on NTV have been disturbed and disappointed since it wasn’t airing any more.

On their different social media pages, Comedy store’s Alex Muhangi posted about it and asked their fans to follow up with their new episodes on Facebook and You Tube while on the negotiating table.

There were also rumors making rounds that the comedy franchise in its new contract wanted more money but NTV management wasn’t willing to settle for that.

The notice that signaled trouble between comedy store and NTV management

However, whem the Kampala Sun spoke to one of the team members on the comedy store team he said that They weren’t earning from airing on NTV, so (earning more) doesn’t apply.

” Our audience had persistently complained about the TV show being very brief. Actual content was less than 25 minutes. So in a way, we are responding to the concerns by our viewers. Regarding earning from Facebook and YouTube, that’s our long term goal.

And we think more great content on these platforms will definitely get us there. The contract expired and we chose to explore new avenues. Our decision. Not NTVs'” he concluded.


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