Latinum shows off sh90m mansion


By Joel Hirya

Ever since Sheebah Karungi flaunted her multi-million home, several artists have turned it into a challenge of sorts by also showing off their homes.

The house challenge was started by Spice Diana when she showed off her unfinished mansion. A few days later, Banjo Man and Rema Namakula’s buildings forged their way onto social media.

Now, struggling singer Latinum also posted a photo of a house that we are yet to confirm really belongs to him. He claims that it cost him Sh90m.

Latimum took to social media to claim he owns a house valued at sh90m

However, close friends in the industry claim Latinum is just struggling for relevance after changing record labels with not much success.

He has dabbled between TON and Gifted Music Group (GMG) records without so much musical success.

The Baabo hit maker was allegedly thrown out of his rented apartment for failing to pay his rent of sh300,000 a month. He then moved in with A Pass. Was the picture of the house a stunt to reply his nay-sayers? We can only speculate.


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