Singer Henry Tigan finds new love


By Musa Ssemwanga

Born Henry Kirumaganyi, Tigan was once a household name in the music industry until he went musically silent a few years ago.

News of a comeback did rounds, but the Henry Tigan of old never resurfaced.

 Instead, disturbing news that he had sought solace in alcohol did rounds.

This was attributed to his bitter separation with Suudi Lukwago who used to manage him.

However, he’s back in the news corridors thanks to his recent visit (Kukyala) to the home of his girlfriend’s parents.

Singer Henry Tigan was a picture of happiness when he went to visit the parents of his fiancee

Tigan and Sharon Nakato have dated for years and both have a kid together. Nakato holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication.

Tigan was accompanied by his friends, relatives and he’s set to be introduced before this year ends.

Before Sharon, Tigan had dated before but things didn’t work out.

In February 2010, there was a lot of speculation about the fate of singer Henry Tigan and his live-in girlfriend, Rinah.

Tabloid reports indicated that the two lovers lived together in Kisasi, a Kampala suburb for two years.

They later broke up after rumors made rounds that a city loaded prominent tycoon had bought for her a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado white in colour.

During that time, a source close to her said she was smitten with the tycoon and the two were planning big things ahead because she couldn’t get over him.

Rinah was the chief financier to the singer but he betrayed her when he cheated on her and ever since they broke up, he wasn’t not been doing well.   He has given love a second chance. Congratulations!


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