SK Mbuga’s wife Vivienne Chebet’s case pushed to September


The last time we saw Vivienne Chebet, SK Mbuga’s wife she was pensive at the Roast and Rhyme festival last month.

Today, she will have momentary reprieve after her alleged fraud case was adjourned until September 2019 after the court asked to conduct more investigations into the matter.

Viviene Chebet was spotted at the Roast and Rhyme festival. Her case has been adjourned to September 2019 Picture: Nicholas Oneal

Vivienne Chebet, the wife to detained moneybag Sulaiman Kabangala, popularly known as SK Mbuga, was arrested five months back and put in the coolers at Katwe Police Station in Kampala over fraud.

Her arrest was related to defrauding 53m Krona (about Shs20.9 billion) from her Swedish boyfriend Sten Heinsoo.

According to her lawyer, Ms. Chebet will have to appear in court for her case hearing on 16th September 2019 as the state completes some investigations into the matter.


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