I’m too streetwise to settle down – Nina Roz


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Nina Roz has said it would be a lie at this point in her life to claim she has met a man, fallen in love and is happy with herself. Her reason is that she grew in up in the ghettos and experienced the crude version of life, having to struggle for everything, so it would be lie to young girls because she is a “muyaye.”

She says the things of happily ever after are for girls who have lived in proper households but not those like her.

“I would be lying if I said I met a guy, fell in love and now wants to have children. These are thing for those girls who have heard a proper upbringing that they meet a guy and after a short time they are so in love. I hang around men so I know better. People should pressure me into those things,” she said.


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