Socialite Don Bahati disbands TMT, forms Billionaires club


By Paul Mayambala

South Africa based Ugandan businessman and socialite Don Bahati has disbanded The Money Team (TMT) and formed a new billionaire’s club.  

 Moles learn that he fired the last remaining TMT member; Meddy Kingdom who he branded broke before forming the new club.  

Don Bahati (center) has disbanded The Money Team and formed a Billionaire’s Club after his former members run broke. Courtesy Pictures

Word from Johannesburg is that Don Bahati, who struck a multi-million deal recently, plans to make it rain in Kampala in December.  “The party will happen at Guvnor.  Don is ready to splash the money.  He hit a jackpot,” said a source.

Last weekend, Don Bahati showed partiers what to expect when he splashed money during David Lutalo performance in South Africa.   He gave him 10,000 South African Rands (sh2.6m) and promised to triple the sum in Kampala. 

Don Bahati splashed the cash and gave David Lutalo 10,000 Spouth African Rands

 It should be recalled that at the death of Rich Gang’s Ivan Ssemwanga, Bahati took on the mantle. Don Bahati declared himself the president of Rich Gang after the death of Don Ivan Ssemwanga. 

Don Bahati has promised to make it rain in Kampala come December

 However, there were power struggles with the original members of the Rich Gang, which prompted him to join forces with Cameroon Gitawo, Meddy kingdom and Katsha de Bank to form The Money Team.  They went mute until Don Bahati decided to steer his new club to greater heights.


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