Fresh Kid’s mother wants full custody again​


By Paul Waiswa

Seven year old rapper, Fresh Kid’s mother Madrine Namata a.k.a Fresh Mummy is back in the news again.

She has expressed dissatisfaction with the direction her singing son is taking and wants full custody again. This was after Fresh Kid’s father (Paul Mutabazi) and custodian became active on the music circuit.

She wants to her child back to her claiming that the kids father has now resorted to spending sleepless nights in bars ever since he started gambling as a musician.

Madrine Namata (R) wants full custody of her son, Fresh Kid following the father’s new found career in music (Picture: courtesy)

Fresh kid’s mother has now lashed out at Fresh Daddy the singer of Mazike, a song that has stormed the industry by surprise.

According to Fresh Mummy, Fresh Daddy has neglected the kid according to how the agreement was drafted.

She asserts that Fresh Daddy is now influenced by musicians who have no responsibilities and which is why he has stopped caring and looking after the kid to find out if all is well both academically and socially.

She stresses that Fresh Daddy has gone ahead to engage in bad dancing strokes  on stage, squeezing big and old ladies which videos go viral and the kid also get tamed and tempted.

According to her opinion, fresh kid will grow up without good morals since charity begins at home. So let him just get me back my child. “He has no time for my child because he is now taken up by bars and old women”, Fresh mummy cried out.


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