Urban TV’s Tina fierce bashes Leilah Kayondo


By Ahmad Muto

Urban Television’s Tina fierce has bashed singer Leilah Kayondo who has just released a new song. According to her, Leilah can’t sing and the industry had been quite fine without her.

She had taken a hiatus but is currently on a media tour promoting her new song “Acrobat” which has received mixed reactions.

“I would rather sit and watch Bukedde TV adverts than Leilah’s music. She can’t sing,” she said advising her to instead invest in land which appreciates.

Leila Kayondo has made a musical comeback but has faced criticism (Photos: Instagram)

“She put up her video on YouTube two days ago but only has 200 views and 13 comments yet me whose job is to diss them get 1k views in 1 hour.

Please find something else to do because my ears had rested and you’re back with your pathetic music,” she continued.


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