Diamond Platnumz gives solid performance at Comedy store


By Paul Waiswa

Singer Diamond Platnumz last night gave one of his best performances in Ugandan at the Lugogo based UMA grounds where he was performing at Comedy Store. He performed most of his hit songs leaving the crowd in total amusement.

Comedy Store proprietor Alex Muhangi was delighted and thanked the artiste and entire gathering for turning up. Muhangi also promised to bring in more stars from the African continent. 

The event attracted many dignitaries and among them included General Henry Tumukunde. The General  last night made an unexpected appearance at Alex Muhangi’s Comedy Store in Lugogo. While the General admitted enjoying the show, he also confessed to not having come to grace the weekly event.

Lt. Gen Henry Tumukunde was part of the crowd that watched Diamond Platnumz perform

The General like any other person seemed to enjoy every bit of the show. However, the public has turned appearance into talks that he will be making more public appearances more often considering that he could be eying Kampala Mayoral post.

 Comedy Store during the event posted this “Who said army Generals can’t take a shot at comedy? Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde is hear with us tonight and he tried to shoot some jokes at us. Rate him.”

Diamond Platnumz put up a great show and had fans cheering his every move

Nonetheless, King Saha who was among the curtain risers did not wait for anyone to speak on his behalf or praise his works in the industry. The Biri Biri singer now brags about having shared the same stage with Africa’s finest Diamond Platinumz at comedy stores. He further promised to write a song for him in Swahili having written some for Dr. Jose Chameleone.

When this information landed into ears of the audience, some began wondering how Saha who cannot even greet in Swahili affords writing a song in fluent Swahili and doubted if Africa’s giant Diamond Platnumz can take on his literature.

King Saha revealed to friends that it was his beginning to big things in East African music market


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