Ziza Bafana hires new management


By Chrismas Mucunguzi

It is almost two years now since we last heard a song from Ziza Bafana. The last hit he undoubtedly had was the Byagana song featuring the Radio & Weasel.

Tulimajje hit star, Richard Kasendwa alias Ziza Bafana has now hired a new management ahead of his comeback.

Ziza Bafana has hired Suleiman Kisuule as his new manager and the two have signed a two-year deal.

Kisuule is not new to the music industry as he is known for discovering Sheebah before losing her to Jeff Kiwa after the success of her Ice Cream song. He has also managed Kent & Flosso and we now wait to see the mystic he does with Bafana.

The singer is set to release two videos this Friday but before that, Bafana has made sure he gets the veracious people.

A reliable source has confirmed Ziza Bafana is now working with reknown Businessman K 2 aided by Sulaiman Kisule as manager.

“Ziza Bafana is under strict management and this is aimed at avoiding previous mistakes. We want to be more professional” a source revealed.

Bafana admits that he was undeniably away but not because music had failed, but he was rather thinking about how he could spring back. It expresses like part of his comeback plan was hiring a new manager.

What happened to his old manager?

 Seemingly, Roger was fired and he now concentrated on managing Spice Diana. 


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