Battle of the Sexes at Tusker Lite’s Jinja cook off


By Website admin

For fans of outdoor cooking and lounging, a fun, friendly competition is returning for its fourth season in an exciting battle of the sexes dubbed Women Vs Men this Saturday, August 3.

Judge Mark Kaheru is expected to preside over the cook off in Jinja over the weekend (Photo: Courtesy)

The fun cooking event powered by Tusker Lite will have ‘foodies’ and food enthusiasts on the road to Pitstop Sports Bar and Restaurant, Jinja for an afternoon’s exciting getaway of creative cooking and munching.

The ladies who have been the leading champions for the past three editions have proudly owned their title as Queens of the kitchen.

Party Animals and Food lovers are expected to be part of the Tusker-Lite sponsored excursion in Jinja (photo: courtesy)

The big question looming about is whether the men have what it takes to beat the queens this time.  All this action and delicious treats accompanied with lots to drink courtesy of Tusker Lite and will welcome the new month of August for Jinja’s party animals and food lovers, and entrance is free!


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