Fresh kid fires back with Tip Tap

Fresh Kid had a recent fall out with his manager

By Simon Peter Tumwine 

After the incident that happened to fresh Daddy at Aero beach in Entebbe on Sunday where he was pelted by bottles, the young rapper is reaping from his dad’s misfortune.

Fresh kid has released a song dubbed “tip tap.”

After fresh kid’s dad ventured into the music industry, his son had traveled to Dubai for a concert. During the interview with Fresh kid he noted that his father’s songs are boring.

“Am not scared of my father joining the music industry” he clearly noted without fear. He dared his father to release such as tip tap.

This might turn out to be a battle between the father and son. It has been hours since fresh daddy released his hit ‘obuchupa.’ Fresh kid vowed to keep on releasing hit after hit because he has a dream to chase.


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